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Fast credit on the Internet with a maturity of up to 36 months. This is the maximum term offered by fast credit lenders. Choose the most appropriate repayment term and apply for a loan online without pledge for the most appropriate period.

Opencredit (up to 12 months), Icredit (up to 12 months) and Credit24 (up to 36 months) offer longer term loans online. Other fast credit lenders offer 30 day borrowings with an option to extend the repayment term.

You have the right to extend the loan repayment term in accordance with the terms of the agreement. Quick Credit can be extended as many times as needed. This is a good solution if you cannot repay the loan principal. It should be noted that some lenders do not offer to extend the loan repayment term.

How to Get Credit for a Long Term 


You have to do a simple registration before you can apply and receive. Registration is free. Examination of the credit is free of charge. If you are a new customer and are borrowing for the first time with a lender of your choice, then you will need to confirm your user profile. Opencredit and Credit24 account activation costs 0.01 Eur. So, activating a user account will cost 1 or 15 cents, which will have to be transferred from the user’s bank account that was listed at the time of registration to the lender’s bank account. By transferring 0.01 Eur the lender will identify your bank account. If you meet the lender’s requirements and complete all the steps, the lender will transfer the amount of money of your choice to this bank account. Note that you only need to activate a user profile once.

Active credit


You can only have one active quick loan at a time with one lender. When a quick loan is granted, it counts as an asset. Once the cash loan has been repaid, the borrower has to wait 7 days to apply for a new loan. You have the right to apply for credit on the Internet an unlimited number of times. You may have a loan with another lender, at a bank or elsewhere, but you must not be late in paying your credit or defaulting on your debt.

Who can afford credit for a longer period

Who can afford credit for a longer period

Fast credit online can be enjoyed by people with an income for a longer period of time. If you are able to borrow well, choose the amount that suits you and apply for a loan online. Evaluate your ability to give back money.